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  April 2014  
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Concrete International April 2014 No. 4 Complete Issue

2013 IGGA Awards
The International Grooving & Grinding Association (IGGA) announced the winners of its annual awards program.

2013 ICRI Project Awards
Project of the Year, Repair and Preventative Maintenance of the East Monroe Parking Garage, Chicago, IL.; High-Rise, One Biscayne Tower Façade Restoration and Repair, Miami, FL; Historic Category, Strengthening the Structure of St. Nicholas Church, Cracow, Poland; Longevity, Winnipeg Aqueduct Water-Leakage Repair, Winnipeg, MB, Canada;Low-Rise Reincarnation: The NYLO South Side Hotel, Dallas, TX; Parking Structures, Houston Hobby Airport Parking Structure Rehabilitation, Houston, TX; Transportation, Newark Bay Bridge Rehabilitation, Newark, NJ; Water Structures, Dock Rebuild and Strengthening, Tampa, FL

Dark Waters
The article discusses restoration of a reflecting pool designed by Minoru Yamasaki and built in 1958 at Wayne State University, Detroit, MI. Initially planned as a repair project, the restoration turned unexpectedly into a full replacement of concrete slab and wall system when extensive deterioration was found. The author presents details of the restoration, materials and techniques used, and preservation of some original futures. A reopening ceremony of the reflecting pool took place on May 1, 2013.

Quality of Prepackaged Powdered Materials Used in Construction
Prepackaged, dry, combined materials are commonly used in the United States in construction and repair projects. Users of these materials are experiencing a number of quality issues that are impacting their projects. This article summarizes finding of a workshop organized by the Strategic Development Council (SDC) in September 2013 in Indianapolis, IN, to identify quality and performance issues with these materials and propose solutions to overcome them.

Awards at the ACI Spring 2014 Convention
At the Opening Session of the ACI Spring 2014 Convention in Reno, NV, ACI recognized a group of members for outstanding achievement and service to the Institute.

ACI Technical Committee Chairs Appointed
Before the ACI Spring 2014 Convention, the ACI Technical Activities Committee selected Chairs for 26 ACI technical committees.

Results of the Blast-Blind Prediction Contest
The Blast-Blind Prediction Contest was a collaborative effort of ACI, the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) School of Computing and Engineering, and StructurePoint Concrete Software Solutions.

How Does a Cold Reinforcing Bar Affect Fresh Concrete?
This peer-reviewed article discusses the evolution of recommendations, published in several editions of “Cold Weather Concreting (ACI 306R),” regarding the minimum temperature of surfaces to be in contact with freshly placed concrete. It also provides new data on the subject, obtained using test specimens with reinforcing bars instrumented with thermocouples, showing the changes in temperature in and near cold bars after concrete placement. The cross sectional areas of the instrumented bars ranged from 0.11 to 4.00 in.2 (70 to 2580 mm2). The initial temperature of each bar was about 5°F (-21°C), and the initial concrete temperature was about 55°F (13°C).

Concrete Q & A: ACI 318 or ACI 562?
Which ACI code, ACI 318-111 or ACI 562-13,2 should be used for an evaluation of an existing building prior to its repair?


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