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  October 2014  
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Concrete International October 2014 No. 10 Complete Issue
Precast/Prestressed & Post-Tensioned

The State of Post-Tensioned Concrete Education
The first post-tensioned concrete buildings in the United States were built in the mid-1950s. After 60 years, expertise in the design of post-tensioned concrete is still extremely limited. A major reason for that is the way the post-tensioned concrete design is being taught at the university level. In this article, the author discusses prestressed concrete education at the university level in the United States and makes suggestions on how to improve it.

Redefining High-Performance Concrete
Virginia Department of Transportation has recently built a unique bridge that is expected to provide long service life with minimal maintenance. The bridge is a good example of sustainability in highway infrastructure with the use of slag cement. It promotes durability through the incorporation of high-quality concrete and corrosion-resistant stainless steel reinforcement. The high strength and reduced weight of the concrete in the beams enabled long spans while lightweight aggregates in the deck concrete reduced both the weight and the potential for cracking.

ACI Officer Nominations for 2015-2016
Wood for President, Awad for Vice President, and four new Directors

Awards at the ACI Fall 2014 Convention
Honors to be bestowed in Washington, DC.

Notable Concrete in Washington, DC
Recent projects near the venue for ACI's Fall Convention.

Participate in your ACI Chapter: A Call to Action
Our beloved American Concrete Institute boasts about 18,000 members representing 129 countries around the world, and about 6000 of those fine folks are students who are ramping up to take their roles in design, construction, materials, services, education, and research and to participate with the 12,000 nonstudent members in national and international arenas.

History of the ACI Chapters
The first ACI chapter, Southern California Chapter - ACI, was established in 1957 through an initiative from Henry M. Layne and Sam Hobbs. In early 1958, its membership reached over 150 members. The article presents a detailed history and role of the chapter, as well as a short bio of one of its creators - Sam Hobbs.

ACI and its Chapters: Ideas for International and Regional Cooperation
ACI has about 100 U.S. and international chapters which translates into 18,000 members worldwide in over 100 countries. Hence, there is ample justification for expansion of ACI's international activities and enhancing its relations with its chapters and international members. The article discusses current international activities undertaken by ACI and individual members, and it presents ideas on further strengthening of ACI's international presence

A New Chapter for the Annual Report
One of the few requirements that ACI has for its chapters is completing a Chapter Annual Report, documenting chapter activities for the previous calendar year. At the November 2009 convention in New Orleans, a task group was appointed by the Chapter Activities Committee (CAC) to review and revise the Chapter Annual Report. The article describes the new report's categories and its implementation.

Excellence in Concrete Construction by and for Our Chapters
ACI President Bill Rushing says strongly and clearly that the Institute's new global project awards program is all about our chapters.

Awards Program: The Kuwait Chapter - ACI Experience
The Kuwait Chapter - ACI was established in 1997. It now has over 400 individual members and 50 organizational members. The Chapter's Awards program was initiated in 2001 and includes two categories: Award of Excellence, given to the most distinguished construction project of the year, and Award of Achievement, presented to an individual to recognize and honor an outstanding lifetime contribution in the field of concrete in the State of Kuwait. The article discusses the role of the chapter and gives details on the awards program.

ACI Chapters Honor Outstanding Regional Construction
Here is an overview of some recent annual awards programs held by ACI chapters in the United States.

A Way for ACI Chapters to Fund our Future
Naming an ACI Foundation Fellowship is a valuable option

Las Vegas Chapter - ACI Leads Certification Efforts at World of Concrete
For the past 3 years, the Las Vegas Chapter - ACI has partnered with ACI and Hanley Wood to offer certification review sessions and certification testing sessions at World of Concrete (WOC) for the Concrete Field Testing Technician Grade I, Adhesive Anchor Installer, and Concrete Construction Special Inspector certifications.

Chapter Officers Receive Training at ACI Headquarters
The 87th ACI Chapter Officer Training and Roundtable was held at ACI Headquarters in Farmington Hills, MI, on May 12-13, 2014.

Community Service: Benefits and Challenges
Community service is a hot topic and a real attention grabber.

ACI Chapter Directory

Concrete Q&A: Horizontal Joints in Water Tanks
Q. Are horizontal joints allowed in a concrete water tank wall? If they are, could you refer me to an ACI document containing more details on the subject? I checked ACI 224.3R-951 but found no relevant information.


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