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Statistical Evaluation of the In-Place Compressive Strength of Concrete
Title: Statistical Evaluation of the In-Place Compressive Strength of Concrete
Author(s): Kal R. Hindo and Wayne R. Bergstrom
Publication: Concrete International
Volume: 7
Issue: 2
Date: February 1, 1985
Recent advances in the world of concrete have resulted in remarkable progress in the field of quality control. Considerable research effort has been directed toward developing reliable, nondestructive methods for testing the strength of concrete in place. These methods have created the need for a valid statistical analysis to evaluate test results with a prescribed level of confidence. However, ACI does not provide statistical analysis for evaluating compressive strength of in-place concrete. In view of this, it is timely that a statistical method be developed to properly evaluate the in-place test results of concrete. Present ACI compressive strength evaluation criteria have been modified to employ a statistical analysis which has yielded satisfactory results.
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