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Patching Procedures for Defects in Architectural Concrete
Title: Patching Procedures for Defects in Architectural Concrete
Author(s): Ned Meason and Dennis E. Myers
Publication: Concrete International
Volume: 3
Issue: 10
Date: October 1, 1981
The patching techniques developed for architectural concrete on the Saudi National Guard Head-quarters Complex Project in Saudi Arabia are de-scribed. Experimental investigations were conducted to determine the best mix coloring, texturing procedure, and placement method for a variety of con-crete defects. The three principal finishes requiring patching were the light abrasive blasted, heavy abrasive blasted, and hammered ribbed form surface. It is concluded that with exacting care and time a patching procedure can be developed which renders the color and texture of the patch very near that of the parent concrete. [Authors]
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