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A Simple Means for Reducing the Risk of Progressive Collapse
Title: A Simple Means for Reducing the Risk of Progressive Collapse
Author(s): Yihai Bao, H.S. Lew, Fahim Sadek, and Joseph Main
Publication: Concrete International
Volume: 35
Issue: 12
Date: December 1, 2013
In general, the negative bending moment capacity of beam end sections is larger than the positive bending moment capacity. Under a column loss scenario, the bottom reinforcing bars are thus likely to fracture before the top reinforcing bars. Research presented in this article investigates the effectiveness of a technique for enhancing the ductility at the beam end sections. The research shows that debonding of the reinforcing bars from the surrounding concrete delays the fracture of bars and enhances ductile behavior. The proposed approach therefore shows promise as a method for enhancing the resistance of reinforced concrete frames to disproportionate collapse.
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