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Concrete Repair Specifications: Guidance or Confusion?
Title: Concrete Repair Specifications: Guidance or Confusion?
Author(s): Robert M. Snover, Alexander M. Vaysburd, and Benoit Bissonnette
Publication: Concrete International
Volume: 33
Issue: 12
Date: December 1, 2011
Writing a concrete repair specification is a complex engineering task requiring extensive knowledge of science, engineering, and field practices as well as high standards of responsibility on the part of the writer. Unfortunately, many repair specifications are mixtures of referenced standards, pay items, and cut-and-paste clauses recycled from previous projects with little thought about details. Therefore, premature failure of repairs has become a major problem. With special attention to durability, permeability, material strength, corrosion protection, and repair materials selection, this article offers a critical review of some of the currently specified requirements and test methods.
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