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  January 1982  
Rolling of Ferrocement Plates -An Innovative Technique
Discusses the rolling of flat ferrocement concrete plates into cylindrical forms suitable for use as tank walls.

This Business of Precast Concrete
Presents the 10th Raymond E. Davis Lecture, given this year by Mr. Bennett at the 1981 ACI Fall Convention in Quebec. This lecture series honors the late Professor Davis, past president of ACI, who was long associated with the University of California at Berkeley. This lecture is the story of several generations of the precast concrete industry as they are affected by national events and by the economy in particular. Inflation over the last 15 years has caused the have become less of a national priority. The precast concrete industry, however, has enjoyed a relatively steady increase in productivity. Machinery and advanced automation processes have helped make precast concrete competitive in the marketplace.

Prestressed Concrete Runway for Chicago’s O’Hare Airport
A pilot research project was conducted which included the construction of a two-way post-tensioned concrete pavement overlay for a runway at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. This article describes the construction of the new post-tensioned runway and the monitoring of the runway’s performance.*

Control of Cracking of Concrete Dur-ing Construction
A report on the kinds of cracks that appear in different types of concrete, their causes, and the steps that can be taken to reduce or eliminate them.*

On New ASTM Standards- Epoxy Resins
Discusses the use of ASTM standard material specification C 881-78 Epoxy Resin-Based Bonding Systems for Concrete and the ACI standard specifica-tions for use of these bonding systems: hardened materials to hardened concrete, ACI 503.1-79; plastic mortar or concrete to hardened concrete, ACI 503.2-79; producing skid-resistant surfaces on concrete, ACI 503.3-79; and the repair of concrete with epoxy mortars, ACI 503.4-79. The advantages and ease of using standard material specifications in conjunction with standard specifications describing the work are discussed. The technical reasons for the ASTM standard test methods for epoxy resin bonding systems are also covered. *


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